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Let's go to microbes. Let's go to microbes.

more quickly about soil biology
"Soil microbial diversity and activity value (BIOTREX)" to measure at low cost
Introducing the world's first scientific analysis technology.

What is "good soil"?What does "delicious" really mean? What is "good soil"?What does "delicious" really mean?

Due to soil pollution and continuous crop failure due to abuse of chemical substances,
soil that is declining.
On the other hand, through repeated trial and error, we created a rich soil suitable for crops.
There are producers making up.Soil is what gives life.
Soil, where diverse organisms are active,
We believe that it is the "good soil" of the future.

And from that "good soil",
Agricultural products that feel the breath of living things,
I think it's "really delicious".

We are the "microbial diversity and activity value" of the soil
We propose a new index called (BIOTREX).



The SOIL mark connects people who continue to grow good soil with people who are impressed by the deliciousness.
Please pay attention to the signs that lead to a sustainable future.

Our Efforts

It was a blind spot of modern farming
Soil "biology"

Soil Biology, a blind spot of modern farming
  • Soil microbial diversity/
    Activity value (BIOTREX)

    It takes effort to create good soil.
    Soil Microbial Diversity/Activity Value (BIOTREX) is a number that expresses how many different types of microorganisms are active in the soil.It is a barometer of soil health.

    Soil health barometer Soil health barometer
  • SOIL PROJECTAgricultural Products
    Craftsmanship of soil

    Soil created through tireless efforts while interacting with nature.
    A variety of microorganisms are active in the soil, which can be said to be the fruit of such craftsmanship.

    Choose delicious foods that create rich soil Choose delicious foods that create rich soil
  • We love Farmer

    Plants grown in good soil are rich in soil microorganisms and small animals.It will be the starting point to support biodiversity and lead to the conservation of the global environment.In addition, soil rich in microorganisms stores a large amount of carbon and contributes to the prevention of global warming.A good environment nurtures good plants, and even more delicious plants, and circulates.

    For a “delicious” smile For a “delicious” smile
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  • Thank you for visiting our website.The time has come for various efforts to be made toward a sustainable future.In activities that consider the carbon cycle, such as agricultural production and composting of waste, it is very important to think about microorganisms that are decomposers and play a central role in the ecosystem.This is because the utilization of ecosystem services enables efficient and rational production activities.
    Soil microbial diversity and activity value analysis (BIOTREX) scientifically evaluates the function of microbial communities.We hope that our technology will be useful to everyone who opens up a new era.

    Representative Director Naomi Sakuramoto

    Representative Director Naomi Sakuramoto

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