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Soil analysis types and fees Soil analysis types and fees

Analysis content

Analysis content

Soil microbial diversity/
Activity value analysis

Soil analysis Diversity/activity value analysis (biological analysis) is performed by two methods: normal analysis and simplified analysis.

Normal analysis

  • Dispense soil sample into XNUMX plates and verify
    (Check if there are any mistakes by comparing the two plates).
  • If the analysis results of the two plates are significantly different, we will judge it as an error and re-analyze it free of charge.
    (There is a charge for re-analysis other than errors)
  • Analyze while recording detailed data.

Graphs with detailed data are available as an option.MDS analysis is available as an option.


For corporate requests, please be sure to perform normal analysis.If you are a farmer and want to use the data for material testing, experimental research, external reporting, etc., please perform normal analysis.

simple analysis

  • Dispense soil samples into one plate only and analyze without verify checks.
    Detailed data is used only within the robot under analysis and is not retrieved separately.Therefore the option is not available.
  • Errors such as plate failure, machine failure, human error, and sample unevenness cannot be determined, so please use the results as a guide only.
    If you are unsatisfied with the results, re-analysis will incur the same costs again.Since we work almost at cost, we will charge a separate fee for work other than routine work, such as reissuing analysis results, sending results by e-mail, issuing receipts, etc.


It can be used as a guideline for making soil for farmers.Even if an error occurs, we cannot judge it, and we cannot take responsibility for the test results, so corporate customers cannot use it.Farmers cannot use it for material testing, testing research, or external reporting.

chemical analysis

  • We accept requests for soil chemical analysis. (Analysis is possible using samples used for soil analysis diversity/activity value analysis)

Basic analysis items

EC / PH / ammonia nitrogen / nitrate nitrogen / truoglic acid / cation exchange capacity / exchangeable lime / exchangeable magnesium / exchangeable potassium / humus / lime saturation / magnesium saturation / potassium saturation / base saturation Degree / Magnesium Lime Ratio / Potassium Magnesium Ratio
+ paddy option (free iron oxide, active silicic acid)
+ Phosphate absorption coefficient option


We also accept requests for soil analysis diversity and activity value analysis (BIOTREX) or chemical analysis.

Please note that if chemical analysis is included, the sample will be sent to Aichi Lab.

Delivery date

Delivery timeline

Estimated delivery time is approximately 2 weeks.

Analysis flow Analysis flow

About accepting samples

Analysis is performed every Monday (excluding holidays).

Since the number of samples that can be analyzed at one time is limited, it may be possible to accept requests for the next week during busy times.

Please note that if the sample does not arrive at our lab by Monday morning, it will be accepted the following week.(Samples can be stored for about XNUMX weeks if stored properly, so don't worry, the analysis results will not be affected significantly even if you move them to the next week.)

About sending the report

Reports will be sent out in order from the week following the reception (excluding holidays). (Transportation 10-XNUMX days)

If you are in a hurry, please contact us in advance.By operating on Sundays and holidays, analysis may be completed in as little as five business days (only normal analysis is supported).



A separate fee will be charged for individual consultation of analysis results.note that.

Soil Analysis Diversity and Activity Value Analysis (BIOTREX)

  • Analysis result report (with soil microbial diversity/activity values, deviation values, and plate photographs)
  • How to read analysis results (one A4 sheet) *This is not an explanation of individual results.

<Result report example> Soil microbial diversity and activity value analysis

Results report image
Results report image

Options (Only when requesting normal analysis)

Graph using detailed data at the time of analysis (values ​​themselves cannot be provided)
…This is a graph showing the chronological degree of decomposition of each organic matter in the process of calculating soil microbial diversity and activity values.

Graph example using detailed data

Graph sample image
Graph sample image

MDS Analysis (Multidimensional Scaling Method): Perform multivariate analysis on detailed data and graphically indicate whether sample soil is closer to healthy soil, diseased soil, or highly active material.
*The MSD analysis method and calculation system are operated through joint research and subsequent cooperation with Professor Yoshihiro Taguchi, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Chuo University.

MDS analysis example

MDS analysis sample image
MDS analysis sample image

chemical analysis

  • Analysis result report (showing analysis values ​​for each analysis item and comparison with standards)

<Result report example> Soil chemical analysis



All prices are excluding consumption tax.Please note that consumption tax will be charged separately.
Payment should be made by bank transfer to the account indicated on the invoice that will be sent to you after the analysis is completed.

You may be able to use the subsidy system for soil preparation and environmental measures.

We do not know the details of the subsidy, so please contact the organization that provides the subsidy.





If you would like an explanation of the analysis method, etc., or an explanation of the results after the analysis, please email us.
We will provide explanations on site for a fee.

Study sessions, consulting, lectures, etc. are available for a fee.The price varies greatly depending on the content, so please specify the content you want and contact us.

Please contact us in advance if you want to use the analysis results in a report such as a paper.
(We have a patent, but we will respond flexibly.)