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Application flow Application flow

Step 01

Select analysis content

When requesting soil microbial diversity/activity value analysis, please select the analysis method from normal analysis or simple analysis*.

Also, please select the presence or absence of options. (Normal analysis only)
It is also possible to perform chemical analysis using the soil used for microbial analysis.Orders for chemical analysis only are also possible.

*Simplified analysis cannot be used by corporations, for testing and research, for reporting on workshops, or for posting on websites.
Options Options

Step 02

Determine number of samples

If the crops and management methods are the same, one sample per field is usually sufficient.However, if you want to compare the biological properties in one field based on the presence or absence of diseases, etc., divide the field and sample separately and conduct a comparison test.
Incidentally,When conducting an input test of materials, be sure to create a symmetrical section (one that does not contain the materials to be tested) and perform a comparative analysis.Repeated tests are recommended for external report materials.

Please feel free to contact us for consultation on test design.

Determine number of samples

Step 03

Sending the application form

Fill out the order form with necessary information such as your address, name, phone number, number of samples, analysis method, and options.
"Application/Inquiry Form"Please send from

*If the delivery address of the sample bag is different from the person who applied, please indicate so. *If the contents are the same, you do not need to use this form. *If it is difficult to contact us using the form, we also accept applications by fax.

Step 04

Sending of "sampling bag" and "sampling method explanation sheet"

After confirming the contents of your application, we will send you an explanation sheet showing the soil sampling method and a special bag to put the collected sample in.
(Transportation period 10-XNUMX days)

Please read the explanation sheet carefully, collect samples evenly from the field, and send 500g of them. (do not let dry)

Sending of "sampling bag" and "sampling method explanation sheet"

Precautions regarding shipping

(XNUMX) Please send samples by courier service.

(XNUMX) Please refrain from using postal mail or letter packs to prevent sample deterioration.

③After collection, please send the sample as soon as possible to prevent deterioration of the sample.

The delivery address differs depending on the content of the analysis and the congestion situation, so please check the delivery address listed on the explanation sheet (if you apply for chemical analysis, the analysis will always be done at Aichi Laboratory).
Normally, samples used for analysis will not be returned, but if you wish, they will be returned to you by cash on delivery, so please indicate so when applying.

Step 05

Analysis reception

Since it is an analysis that deals with living things, the work is done continuously.
Therefore, it is necessary to avoid Sundays and holidays for analysis.Applications are accepted every Monday (excluding holidays).

Please note that if the sample does not arrive at our lab by Monday morning, it will be accepted the following week.(Samples can be stored for about XNUMX weeks if stored properly, so please be assured that the analysis results will not be affected even if you move the sample to the next week.)

If Monday is a holiday, or if the office operates on a holiday during peak hours, we may be able to accept orders on Tuesdays.
If you are in a hurry, we can operate on holidays, so please contact us.

Analysis reception

Step 06

Send analysis results

Reports will be sent out in order from the week following the reception (excluding holidays). (Transportation 10-XNUMX days)

In addition, regarding simple analysis, normal analysis is given priority, so the delivery of the results may be delayed.
Since it is cheap, please understand the point.

Send analysis results

Step 07


We will send you an invoice together with the analysis result report, so please make a payment.

*If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.